UK’s Most Notable Racing Car Makers Part 1

Starting a car brand is much like starting an airline – you’re entering a vicious, crowded market full of industry titans who are keen to crush you on entry. Few survive. But you don’t necessarily have to compete with the big dogs to be successful. A lot of success comes to those who pick their niche and become the best in it without building massive factories all around the world. Racing cars is one such niche. Here is where automotive enthusiasts and engineers gather to celebrate cars and motorsport by creating machines that don’t have to compete in the family crossover segment. It is a dream come true – to build cars designed for the fun of racing. The United Kingdom is fortunate to have a relatively high per-capita concentration of those, and here are a few that are worth noting.


To call something a “kit car” is a pejorative in the automotive world. These are usually poorly-made replicas designed to be barely road-legal fashion statements. Italian cars of the late 20th century usually get replicated and sold to irrational consumers who want to look like they own something that they don’t. This does not apply to RS MOTORSPORT. This company is what happens when professionals want to keep a car alive by replicating it to perfection. These rally car fanatics have replicated a legendary Ford RS200, a one of the best rally racing cars of the 80s, selling them to customers who want not only the looks, but the true performance. It is a true time machine in that respect, carrying the full range of flavors of rally racing of the time. These guys are also working to deliver other rally racing vehicles from that era, such as the original Audi Quattro, Lancia Delta S4 and Peugeot 205.


Ginetta is a manufacturer of racing cars that are also road legal. While you can get a licence plate on it, you’ll also receive a beautiful racing machine designed primarily for the track. Their primary range includes two cars: the G40 and the G55. Both come in various configurations, but with the same chassi underneath. Some variants are specifically designed to compete in the British Touring Car Championship. Their cars are fitted with bucket seats with racing harnesses, and are made to be as light as possible, with the minimal amount of assistance systems. Thanks to this, the cars don’t have to be powerful to be fun. That also means that drivers get to feel like a racing pilot even on public roads, thanks to the non-existent sound deadening. Nevertheless, very few racing enthusiasts can boast a car that they can race in, win in, and then drive home no problem. The company also offers packages for driver development if the buyer wants to use their vehicle to enter the racing world and potentially become a professional racer. Ginetta has no shortage of their own competitions which cater to drivers of all skill levels. A far cry from your average car dealer then.