The Oldest Motor Racing Circuit in The World – UK Motorsports

Contrary to what you might usually expect, the oldest motor racing circuit is not located in Italy or France, but Suburban Surrey. The Brooklands Motor Racing Circuit was built in the years of 1907, and is the first purpose-built motor racing circuit, like the ‘Monza’ and the ‘Indianapolis Motor Speedway’. By 1930, the circuit was recognised by universities as the ‘Home of British Motor Sport’. Brookland circuit was Financed and constructed entirely by the original developer and owner; Hugh Locke-King.

The Oldest Motor Racing Circuit in The World - UK Motorsports
The Oldest Motor Racing Circuit in The World – UK Motorsports

Record Successes

The racing speedway was the central place for successful record attempts during the 32 or more use of his years. In 1907 famous racer, Selwyn Edge had officially broken the 24-hour ability by covering a distance of 1,581 Miles. Brooklands also had maintained a reputation of Aircraft productions and aviation. By the year of 1910 and forwards many identifiable Figueres and pilots learned to operate and fly a plane. Although, this circuit is no longer available for the use of racing. The racing matches concluded in the 1939’s and also during the start of WW2.

The airfield and the circuit were claimed for use by the Hawkers and Vickers, aircraft companies that manufacture products with steel. Till today, some of the information taken from the course is now stored in the Brooklands Museum. The race track itself was a length of 4.453km (2.767 Miles), and the direction for driving was anti-clockwise. When drivers drive on the banking of the circuit, that’s when special yet reasonable rules that are all about overtaking and positioning. One rule was that only the fastest cars were allowed to drive at the top of the banking. This rule often resulted in many hard feelings when someone would operate at the top with a low speed.

British Grand Prix History was Made

In 1926 the first-ever British Grand Prix was held in the Brooklands. Then a year later the Grand Prix was yet again held at the Brooklands. But in September 1939 the WW2 broke out which resulted in the discontinuation of motor racing again. Due to the several aircraft factories near the circuit – who only produced Military planes now – the entire area was camouflaged. Hence, they dug holes in the ground to plant trees. After the 2nd WW, the race circuit was damaged and was never reopened again. Later on, in 2004 the broken-down racetrack was purchased by Mercedes-Benz.

Brooklands now only has a few remaining stations left and undisturbed. However, the rest of the damaged and valuable artefacts belong and reside in the ‘Brooklands Museum’. Even though the race track was destroyed and is not useable, but it can still be simulated through a game that works on Sega Dreamcast and PC. The game was called Spirit of Speed and was released in 1999. In the year 2009 top presenter James May revealed plans to recreate and make a full-length game like the Brooklands using Scalextric track and cars. Brooklands circuit hosted their last race ever on 1939, 7th August, before it was shut down.