Month: February 2020

How to Get Into Rally Car Racing Part 2

Now that you are sure that rallying is your passion, it is time to make the first steps into the driver’s seat. First, you’ll need to obtain a full UK driving licence. This will serve as the foundation for all the other training and learning you will receive along...
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How to Get Into Rally Car Racing Part 1

Rally car racing is well loved all around the world, but there is perhaps no other place on earth better suited to it than the British isles. The premise is to race around a circuit that is quite narrow, covered in mud and gravel with sharp turns, change of...
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Autocross as a Gateway to the World of Motor Sport

If the inner petrol head is unsatisfied by the limited fun allowed on public roads, the sensible thing to do is look into the world of motorsport. The choice of discipline can be overwhelming, as well as some of the bureaucracy and, of course, the expense. But there is...
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